Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bringing Reason, Logic and Common Sense to Government

I often think about running for Congress and I wonder what slogan I would want to summarize why I am running. Some people think you run on smaller government, lower taxes and eventually a slogan appears--such as, "It's time" was for John Thune's run against Tom Daschle.

But a slogan can help build momentum as well, and I have now come up with a slogan for my upcoming run for the US Congress.

"Bringing Reason, Logic and Common Sense back to Government"

What inspired me is watching this video by John Stossel regarding Anne Rayndes book Atlas Shrugged. He interviewed a bank president who ran his bank with the principles of self reliance and "selfishness." that is espoused in the book.

Now think about some of the businesses in South Dakota and see if they match the classic definition of a "win-win" and "lose-lose" scenarios involving businesses and customers. There are numerous businesses in South Dakota who don't subscribe to these scenarios. They really believe that if the customers lose, the businesses will win. I will name names at another time.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The ag community in SD needs to sharpen their opposition to cap and trade. The SD Corngrowers Association, at their annual Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Promotion Convention positively declared that they don't oppose cap and trade. Big mistake.

This is a good article here.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Republicans Must Propose Solutions

I have recently become frightened by professional Republicans. It was just yesterday I had the overwhelming feeling the Republicans were only capitalizing on the Democrat overreaching and not proposing any solutions to real problems our country is facing.

Don't get me wrong, to defeat health care and cap and trade would be major victories--and Republicans had a hand in their defeat. But I am concerned about the lack of ideas coming from Republicans--proactive ideas that identify and solve problems. I am concerned about the lack of proposals to significantly and immediately reduce the size of the budget deficit.

I am also concerned about a lack of understanding about the peril of our economy. I think Beltway staffers really believe the government reports that the economy is at the bottom and ready to rebound. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are not at the bottom. We are not at the proverbial crossroads. Our country is teetering on the abyss, and one false move and we don't just lose some jobs, we lose our position in the world as a superpower, a leader, and the moral compass for those that dream of freedom.

In order to return from the abyss, we must act boldly and confidently. We must reduce the size and scope of government, and we must return to fundamentals. Now is not the time to talk about tax cuts. It is a time to oppose tax increases. Now is not the time to spend more money. Now is the time to freeze spending.

In a phrase, now is the time to reduce volatility in the marketplace. Set in place a tax code that will not change, which people can count on. This will encourage investment much more than promises of lower taxes. Set in place a comprehensive energy policy that encourages all forms of energy, including coal, nuclear and drilling. The next ten years isn't going to destroy the environment, but it could destroy the American place in the world.

Finally, Republicans must act with urgency and foresight. We can not afford to react in a crisis. We must be proactive and confident in our positions. We must promise to reduce the size of the deficits immediately--through the use of across the board cuts. This must be the law of the land until we have the courage to debate where we can agree to cut.