Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick Poll

If government takes money from me, and gives it to another person, would it be appropriate to ask the person receiving the gift to refrain from gambling, smoking, drinking, or any other activity that gets in the way of working a couple extra hours per week to not take my money?

Here are my list of expenses I would cut before I went without health care insurance...

1. Eating out/Going out
2. Cable tv
3. Cell phone
4. Movies
5. Any new clothes or accessories
6. Any subscriptions
7. Any travel

Further, I would lower these expenses...

1. Sell my home, or take in renters
2. Sell my car, and buy a cheaper one
3. Tear up my credit cards

Finally, I would take on extra work, look to move to a cheaper location or better job opportunity and/or lower my pride and work until I had things under control. Only then would I go without health insurance.

The reason I go through this little exercise is that I am tired of paying for people with different priorities. If I prioritize my life to work harder, longer and save more, invest in my future, I am not opposed to help other people, but I am not interested in paying for people who skate by and are "hangin ten." You dig?

So if you don't fit into this category, don't get all bent out of shape. But if you do, I am coming after you...You are not a victim. You are an indolent, dependent slug. 

I want to make it illegal to receive money from the government and then waste money. If you make a decision to become a ward of the state, the state then has the right to control your life...