Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eliminating Private Leverage with Public Leverage

We have all heard of the unbelievable leverage that flowed through the banking system that nearly brought the worlds economy to it's knees. Now comes a story that shows how America is leveraging up in order to leverage down private industry.

The article talks about the $22 trillion of "collateral" the United States has put up in order to protect the economy. 

When one sees how government/quasi-governmental agencies have bailed out the entire world economy, it is easy to see how taking over the health care system and lowering global temperatures by 1 degree seems entirely plausible.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stephanie Herseth is Vulnerable

Fellow Republicans,  

I am certain Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin is vulnerable in the next election, but as I have talked to Republicans over the last several weeks, I fear they don't share my confidence.  

The biggest hurdle we must overcome is the mindset she is unbeatable. It reminds me of when I spoke with Republicans before John Thune entered the race against Sen. Daschle. EVERY person I talked to thought he should run again for the House, because Daschle was unbeatable. This upcoming election is setting up to be a watershed election with a classic "Washington is Broken" theme. By November 2010, people are going to feel that "it's time to throw them all out."  

Stephanie has never been challenged since she was first elected--an election she won by 1% of the vote. Since then she has not had a difficult race with a well-funded opponent (it takes $1.5-2 million to play on an equal footing). She hasn't had to face a hostile press. Many say she has voted right and hasn't made any mistakes. She is a good politician. Good politicians only make mistakes when they are backed into a corner. Nobody has ever held her accountable and put her on the defensive. That will change in this election.  

Please coordinate with all Republican legislators and spokespeople to use the following talking points when discussing Stephanie Herseth. If every Republican will repeat the following statements with whomever they speak, we can put doubt in the minds of the voters about her invincibility over the next 6 months.  

When asked about Stephanie respond with versions of the following... "I used to agree Stephanie Herseth was unbeatable, but... when the country adds $2.5 trillion to the national debt in a single year, when entire industries are taken over by the government, when Wall Street is bailed out by borrowing trillions from our nations grandchildren, when the Federal Reserve is the largest buyer of Treasury Bills, when unemployment reaches 12%, and with talk of another stimulus package, it seems to me common sense says we should just stop spending money.  

"Now there is a continuous flow of disastrous Democrat proposals; a cap and trade bill based on the failed mortgage backed security model that will increase our power rates in South Dakota by 50%, a union promotion bill when we have a right to work state, and many upcoming radical judicial nominations.  

"As if that wasn't enough, Democrats are pushing for a universal health care plan that creates a government insurance company to compete against the private sector. Doesn't the government have enough on their hands with ownership in auto companies, banks, AIG, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae? To take over 1/6th of the economy in this time of crisis?  

"With Social Security and Medicare already bankrupt, I think we need to take a breath before proposing any radical new policy initiatives.  

"I would hate to be Stephanie right now and have to defend the actions of Obama, Pelosi, Waxman and Frank, then turn around and vote against them because they will hurt the people of South Dakota. She is in an indefensible position, and if there is a well-financed Republican candidate, she will be in the race of her life.  

"Yes, I think Stephanie is vulnerable."  

Please forward this to other influential Republicans in order to build a cohesive message throughout the state.  

Thank you for your help.