Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Washington DC is broken!

In the "if I said it once..." column...

This is a great article on how Washington actually "works" [sic]. Lobbyists (and staffers) have way too much power, and politicians have way too little understanding of what is going on...

Islamic Terrorists vs. Wasting money

This is not a picture of "invasion of privacy" and has nothing to do with "innocent until proven guilty." Right.


It is, however, an invasion of privacy to simply recognize the terrorist threat is brought to us courtesy of Islamic terrorists from Saudi Arabia, Yemen and other Muslim nations with names such as Mohummed, Akmed, and Muhommed. 

We are spending $8 billion per year, much of it in a misguided attempt to take the clothes off of innocent people, while bending over backwards to appeal to the constitutional rights of people hell bent to blow themselves up to kill us...

This is war, and it is time to take the gloves off, not our pants!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

US is broke and China knows it

I suppose every former superpower thought they were the richest country in the world long after they weren't. I suppose they kept spending money like they actually had it to spend. 

We have heard how Reagan and America outspent the Soviets and won the cold war by bankrupting their controlled economic system. Capitalism was declared the victor over communism and invincibility was instilled in a generation of Americans. 

Unfortunately, the fabric of capitalism began to wear and become unravelled. The modern threads of unbridled consumerism and radical progressive change became separated from the old, time honored conservative threads of family, work ethic and thrift. 

So it makes sense that America will lose it's freedom during a time when so many believed we were being led by the Messiah, President Obama. Just one day after President unveiled a plan to spend $100 billion per year to solve global climate issues, the Chinese government warned that your American dollars don't have any value, and as your banker (or read slave owner), we think you should control your spending.

Imagine getting lessons on spending and economic theory from the Communist Chinese. So this is how are story begins to end. Our politicians will continue to spend money we don't have, but our creditors will reign us back in. Who would have thought that Communists would have the last word?