Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A New Treason Policy

The freedom of speech should be trumped by the crime of treason.

Despite the economic crisis, the largest issue facing our country is terrorism. We have spent billions of dollars extra to protect our country in order to protect the "freedoms" of those that support terrorists by patting down Grandma Anderson and Grampa Olson at the airport. Barrack Obama is afraid to use the words "war on terror" for fear of offending some people. 

Many refuse to name the real assailants as the threat. They refuse to call this a war between Islamic fundamentalism and western secular societies. More people refuse to call this what it really is, a battle between the Muslim world versus the non-Muslim world. This fear of offending is costing our country billions of dollars by targeting those that don't have anything to do with Muslim extremism. Sure, there are some domestic groups that plan destruction, but this is not the war on terror of which we speak.

It should be the duty of all Muslim people to denounce Muslim extremism all over the world. Their leaders should be working with the leaders of all Western countries, and enlisting their members in the military to fight against this extremism. There should be large battalions of American Muslims fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq against their "brothers and sisters in Allah" conducting suicide bombings in the name of their religion.

But I don't hear about any mass volunteers from the Muslim community. I only see the fear of Muslims in France and Holland, and around the world. I only see appeasement. I only see capitulation on our side to take special care to make sure we don't offend Muslims in any way.

But make no mistake about it. President Bush was right by saying you are either "for us or against us." You are either sympathetic to Muslim terrorists or you are against them. There is no room for gray area.

When it comes to dissent in our country, should we really be concerned about freedom of speech, if the speech would lead to the defeat of our country?

For example. If a Muslim group financially supports Al Qaeda, or an individual Muslim church talks about the the good things Al Qaeda is doing. To me, this is treason, and these people should at least be deported and stripped of their citizenship, and at most, be severely punished to the full extent of the Constitution--death.

People who sympathize with those people who are tried and punished, should also be punished. 

The people of this country will need to unite against terrorism and no longer appease Muslim sympathizers.

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